LeadManager is TW Solution’s easy-to-use solution that allows sales and marketing departments to collect, store, and manage sales leads.  The hosted solution offers many of the features found in customer relationship management (CRM) software, but with a much simpler interface and at significantly lower cost.  Now you can integrate your Web site registration forms to a full-featured online database for lead collection and segmentation across a variety of prospect attributes (geography, areas of interest, etc.) LeadManager makes it easy to download custom email lists for outbound email marketing campaigns. In addition, any authorized user in the organization can work with the solution through their Web browser.

LeadManager provides the following capabilities:

  • Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) that provides searchable access to your online lead database
  • Advanced reporting filters to allow you to view important subsets of your data
  • Custom lead status assignment for individual leads
  • Lead de-duplication for merging of like records
  • Individual browsing, download, and activity history for each lead
  • Custom lead reporting and export to .csv file format
  • Custom “buying signal” filtering
  • Custom lead scoring
  • Custom campaign URL generation
  • Notes for tracking of internal lead management communications
  • Campaign activity tracking
  • Lead ROI calculator
  • Dashboard for quick activity summaries
  • Permissions-based multi-user environment w/activity logs
  • Fully-segmentable MySQL database for lead storage and management
  • Web browser access (no special software required)
  • Enterprise-wide usage (no limit to the number of users)

The LeadManager gives an organization the power and productivity of a CRM solution for an economical monthly fee. For more information or a live Web demo, click here or contact 781-793-9389.