Introducing LinkShadow

Performance-Based Marketing Solutions for B2B Publishers

LinkShadow™ gives B2B publishers a new strategy to generate revenue from their online assets.  It’s the only hosted solution that helps publishers increase revenue by providing an entirely new portfolio of performance-based marketing products.

To offer these products, publishers must have internal systems that can track Web visitor activity across multiple ad links, record and process sales leads, and accurately aggregate this activity for validation and billing to the client. These processes must be automated and easy to use to make the promise of performance-based advertising a reality.

LinkShadow is the only solution that arms B2B publishers with a comprehensive performance marketing infrastructure without the headaches of software implementation, systems integration, or staff training. LinkShadow is purchased as a hosted service and encompasses the following capabilities:

  • Ad and campaign management
  • Click and lead tracking, auditing, and reporting
  • Flexible ad pricing
  • Landing page and registration form development
  • Performance analytics
  • Payment reporting

In addition, TW Solutions provides essential value-added services:

  • New online product strategies
  • Technical support
  • Sales education

LinkShadow is the only solution that allows B2B publishers to quickly establish pay-for-performance marketing programs.