LinkShadow creates an entirely new portfolio of performance-based advertising and promotional products for the publisher.  Now every ad, link, and download on a Web site becomes a revenue generation opportunity. These offerings can include:

  • Incentive-based banner or enewsletter text ads coupled with landing page/registration forms
  • Video views
  • White paper and content downloads
  • Text links
  • Co-registration pages

TW Solutions works with the publisher to recommend new products that fit their business objectives. We also help educate the publisher’s sales team in the more consultative techniques that enhance performance marketing sales.

Profit from Advertisers’ Migration to the Internet

LinkShadow helps publishers profit from the advertiser’s transition to Internet-based advertising. It also helps publishers engage with small and mid-market clients that are more receptive to a pay-for-performance approach. Unsold and cancelled ad space can be monetized, and new editorial products can be supported. Publishers can price ad products at the higher rates that pay-for-performance marketing commands.