TW Solutions Introduces LeadManager Solution

SHARON, Mass.August 18, 2009 – TW Solutions, a division of Tiziani Whitmyre, Inc., today introduced its LeadManager™ solution – simple, fast, and inexpensive software that helps sales and marketing teams capture, manage, and close sales leads.

LeadManager is the only lead management solution that has out-of-the-box integration with a company's Web site and automates the tracking of the prospect's digital behavior. Its robust database captures click-data from Web forms, landing pages, and outbound email campaigns. LeadManager also records a prospect's Web site browsing activity in real time and records it in their lead profile.

“We developed LeadManager as an alternative to complex customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that are cumbersome to install and integrate, complicated to learn, difficult to use, and expensive to own,” said Bob Tiziani, Chief Executive Officer of TW Solutions. “Our solution is ideal for sales and marketing groups desiring fast, easy set up, a simple interface, and very low cost. It offers many features not found in much costlier alternatives.”

For example, LeadManager's logs all of the prospect's online contact with the company. “This enables the analysis of a lead's digital behavior to reveal their areas of interest, role in the buying process, and readiness to buy — powerful data that help accelerate the sales cycle,” said Tiziani.

Microtest Laboratories Announced as Launch Customer

TW Solutions announced that Microtest Laboratories (, a leading provider of life sciences testing and pharmaceutical contract manufacturing, is the launch customer for the LeadManager solution. Microtest’s sales and marketing team is using the solution to capture sales leads, analyze their online behavior, manage outbound email marketing campaigns, and log and coordinate sales contact.

“LeadManager enabled us to quickly start up an integrated sales and marketing program that has improved our capability to acquire, qualify, and close sales leads,” said Tammy Richter, vice president, marketing, Microtest Laboratories. “Now, our sales people are notified in real time when leads are captured on our Web site. They can view the prospect's browsing activity and immediately qualify their interest. In addition, LeadManager adds accountability to the process since all leads are assigned to specific sales representatives for follow-up and conversion,” said Richter.

LeadManager's core functionality includes sales contact logging; custom database searches, sorts, and filters; email list exports; and reporting tools. The solution is sold as a service and only requires a Web browser and broadband Internet access.

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